About Us

At Redaptec Technical Consultants we strive to deliver excellent service and support to all our clients whether they are big or small in size. Our passion for IT has brought us to provide a service that is uniquely designed and tailored for each and every client focusing on their needs and requirements. We aim to deliver exceptional customer support in all areas of IT.
Redaptec Technical Consultants will provide a complete service with regards to the design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure according to the client’s needs. We will evaluate the success of each installation and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of the each site.

Redaptec Technical Consultants have carefully analyzed end user queries, complaints and needs so as to provide a variety of service solutions tapered to meet with our client’s exact requirements.

At our company we have taken cognizance of these issues and are now offering sound services and solutions to improve your companies IT infrastructure.


“We do IT Right”

Redaptec IT Support
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